Voice Lift

The voice is an important means of communication and a major part of human personality. As people age, muscle fibers undergo natural shrinkage (atrophic dysphonia), which in some people can also affect the vocal folds. This in turn can worsen the quality of the speaking voice. The vocal fold changes typical of ageing can sometimes even be seen in those aged thirty, even if their other muscles are in perfect shape.

A voice lift refers to procedures that make the voice sound stronger and more sonorous. The most common voice lift procedure is temporary vocal fold augmentation by injecting filler. The procedure can be carried out under both local anesthesia and general anesthesia. The patient’s voice will usually be tight for a few days after vocal fold augmentation. The improvements become apparent after this recovery period.  The effects of a voice lift on the voice are always individual. The procedure is effective for a year on average, but in some cases the effect lasts only for a few months. At best, the voice quality can be better for up to two years. Vocal fold augmentation is generally performed with a temporary, absorbable filler.

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