Welcome to excellent cancer care!

With us, you will be treated by HUS Helsinki University Hospital’s cancer specialists. We offer appointments of experienced oncologists, as well as cancer surgeries.

Our Customer Service will help guide you or your loved one to the right specialist, whether it’s suspected cancer or diagnosed cancer.

Oncologist Appointment Services

You can seek to see an oncologist if you suspect cancer or you have a diagnosed cancer. You can also book an appointment to discuss cancer treatments or follow-up treatments. Our physicians also give second opinion services in situations where a patient or a doctor needs an evaluation by another physician concerning the most suitable treatment.

We provide appointments to patients over the age of 16. Thanks to our particular expertise, we can offer expert knowledge on most tumoral diseases.

The first appointment lasts 60 minutes. In addition to the actual appointment, learning about the patient’s situation takes time, as does drawing up the treatment plan. Due to this, the first visit is billed as a 90-minute appointment.

Cancer Surgery

Surgery is the most common form of cancer treatment. It aims to remove the cancerous tumor. We offer surgical treatment of cancer, e.g.

  • thyroid and parathyroid cancer
  • prostate cancer
  • salivary gland cancer
  • cervical lymph node cancer
  • kidney and adrenal cancer
  • malignant brain tumors.

How to get an appointment?

You can book an appointment with a specialist by calling Customer Service at
+358 9 4748 2704  or by sending us an email:

If you have any previous examination results, please send them to us before your first appointment by Secured e-mail or by fax to +358 9 4748 2709 .