Welcome to excellent cancer care. We offer HUS Helsinki University Hospital Cancer Center’s internationally recognized appointment, diagnostics and treatment services.

HUS Cancer Center is the largest cancer treatment center in Finland and one of the largest of the kind in the EU. In 2014, the Cancer Center became the first in the Nordic countries to receive the highest possible accreditation of “Comprehensive Cancer Center” from the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI) in recognition of exceptionally high quality throughout the treatment chain.

Cancer treatment within the specialty of oncology involves multi-professional collaboration. The Cancer Clinic has tumor teams focusing on the treatments of the various cancers and related research. Our oncologists answer questions and respond to consultation requests quickly, channeling patient data as necessary to be processed by a multi-professional group of specialists to arrive at the best possible treatment decision.

Being responsible for planning and carrying out the treatments, the Cancer Center specialists play a key role in the field of cancer treatment. Cancer treatment methods include radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgical treatment.

Oncologist Appointment Services

You can seek to see an oncologist if you suspect cancer or you have a diagnosed cancer. You can also book an appointment to discuss cancer treatments or follow-up treatments. Our physicians also give second opinion services in situations where a patient or a doctor needs an evaluation by another physician concerning the most suitable treatment.

We provide appointments to patients over the age of 16. Thanks to our particular expertise, we can offer expert knowledge on most tumoral diseases.

The first appointment lasts 60 minutes. In addition to the actual appointment, learning about the patient’s situation takes time, as does drawing up the treatment plan. Due to this, the first visit is billed as a 90-minute appointment.


We provide radiation therapy for breast, lung and prostate cancer and malignant brain tumors. For more information on radiation treatment see the links on the left or bottom of this page.

How to get an appointment?

You can book an appointment with a specialist by calling Customer Service (on weekdays 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. GMT+2) at +358 9 4748 2704  or by sending us an email:

If you have any previous examination results, please send them to us before your first appointment by Secured e-mail or by fax to +358 9 4748 2709 .