We provide X-ray and other imaging services in Orton Hospital in Ruskeasuo (Helsinki) as well as in HUS (Helsinki University Hospital) Imaging X-ray and medical imaging units in the metropolitan area.

Orton Hospital

You can have both your appointment and your X-ray examination prescribed by a doctor made at the same time in Orton Hospital. In Orton Hospital, you are offered the following imaging services:

    • Native X-ray examination
    • Computed tomography (CT)
    • Ultrasound examinations

Please see   Orton’s contact information and opening hours.

Orton´s imaging services costs are not reimbursed by Kela (Finnish Social Security Institution).

Helsinki University Hospital´s (HUS) imaging services

We use Helsinki University Hospital´s (HUS) imaging services.

We can provide demanding or rare tests that are not available for private patients elsewhere in Finland. A referral from an Orton´s doctor is needed for examinations.

Kela (Finnish Social Security Institution) does not reimburse the costs of Helsinki University Hospital´s (HUS) imaging services.