Prostate Resection Surgery (TURP)


Prostate resection (TURP) is a conventional surgical procedure for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia. TURP involves endoscopically removing excess prostatic tissue with an electro-resection (electrical loop) through the urethra. This procedure has already been used for about 50 years, and its results are good.

Pros and cons of the procedure

This surgery is helpful for urinary problems very soon after the procedure. With the help of TURP, urine flow improves by 54–125%, residual urine volume is reduced by more than 50%, symptoms are relieved effectively (for more than 80% of patients symptom scores fall by 73–75%), and there is no external wound.

Duration of the procedure

Generally, the procedure is performed under spinal anesthesia. The procedure lasts approx. 20–60 minutes, and it requires a 2–3 day stay in the hospital. Most patients have to use a catheter for 1–2 days.

The procedure sometimes causes significant bleeding, and the irrigating fluid used during surgery may be absorbed into the bloodstream, which causes electrolyte disturbances in the body, leading to circulatory problems among other things. This is very rare, however. Following a resection procedure, urinary urgency (urge incontinence) may appear for some time if there is over-activity of the bladder. Prostate resection causes ejaculatory dysfunction (retrograde ejaculation), but resection surgery does not cause erectile dysfunctions.

Recovery time

Micturition will not necessarily be normalized at the time of discharge from the hospital. Some patients may have increased urinary frequency and burning for months afterwards. Hematuria may appear for a period of about a month. Light exercise, such as walking, is permitted immediately after surgery. Strenuous exercise and exertion should be avoided for a period of about a month. The duration of the sick leave is generally 1–3 weeks, depending on the patient’s line of work.

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