Prostate Cancer Follow-Up

Follow-Up for Low Risk Patients

Studies suggest that the prognosis of low risk cancer is excellent even without treatment, which is why active follow-up is the primary choice for these patients.

Active follow-up involves monitoring the patient without immediate surgical treatment or radiotherapy, whereby the adverse effects associated with these treatments are avoided. If anything during the follow-up suggests that the cancer has changed so that it requires treatment, we will proceed to active treatment (surgical treatment or radiotherapy).

PSA is monitored every 3 months, and the patient visits the doctor every 6 months.

During the first monitoring year of active follow-up, PSA is measured every 3 months with a doctor’s appointment every 6 months. One year after the diagnosis, a prostate needle re-sample is generally taken. Prostate magnetic resonance imaging is also generally conducted by the time that the re-samples are taken. Future follow-up is by agreement with the urologist during an appointment.

Follow-Up for Non-Aggressive Cancer and Treated Cancer

This involves visits to the doctor every 6–12 months.

The prostate cancer patient’s situation is monitored at regular intervals. The normal follow-up interval for monitored, non-aggressive cancer and cancer that has already been treated is 6–12 months. For follow-up, we offer regular medical examinations as well as potentially necessary further examinations, including laboratory tests and imaging examinations.


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