Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery refers to reconstructive surgery by which bodily deformities, injuries sustained by the body or changes caused by diseases are remodeled to appear as functional and normal as possible.

In the treatment of the most demanding tissue deficiencies, our plastic surgeons are top experts in their field. Our plasticians draw on a comprehensive range of treatment alternatives. Treatment methods are decided case by case. We do not provide cosmetic surgery, however.

We provide surgical treatment of cleft lips and palates, of head and face malformations, of abdominal wall deficiencies and of incisional hernias (usually postoperative), to mention a few. In addition to this, we offer surgical treatment of soft tissue sarcomas and of facial nerve paralysis. Our field of specialization includes postoperative reconstructive surgery for breast cancer and reconstructive surgery of severe burns anywhere on the body. We also provide treatment of difficult open fractures and of soft tissue damage caused by crush injuries.

Learn more about our services listed below:

  • Reconstructive surgeries following breast cancer treatments
  • Reconstructive surgery of the lymphatic system
  • Pediatric plastic surgery

We also provide other services associated with plastic surgery. More information is available at our Customer Service.