Psychiatry and Psychology

We offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services by experienced psychiatry and psychology professionals. You can come for an appointment or examination by referral from your physician or by scheduling an appointment directly at our Customer Service. Internet therapy is also available through us.


A psychiatrist examines, evaluates and treats mental health disorders. A psychiatrist can also make medical diagnoses and prescribe medications. You are entitled to a Kela reimbursement for the services of a psychiatrist in the same way as for the services of other private specialists. Our services complement both public and private services by making university hospital specialists available to private patients.

We offer examination and treatment packages compiled by experts, which are suitable not only for private persons, but also especially for insurance companies, occupational health care and employers. We offer conventional appointments with a psychiatrist or psychologist, consultations and so-called second opinion evaluations of the condition and treatment of private patients.


A psychologist is an expert on human behavior, thinking and emotional life. A psychologist makes psychological evaluations as well as examinations and psychological tests. You are entitled to Kela reimbursement for examinations by a psychologist if the psychologist is performing tests or other comparable psychological examinations related to examinations or treatments ordered by your physician. You can also schedule an appointment with a psychologist without a referral from a physician.

How to book an appointment?

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