Teemu Kinnari

MD, PhD, Associate professor
Specialist in Otorhinolaryngology

Language skills:

Finnish, Swedish, English, Spanish


Surgical Hospital, Kasarmikatu 11-13, Helsinki

Welcome to my appointment

My appointment at the Surgical Hospital can be booked through online or by phone.

Typical problems my patients have are throat and throat problems: hoarseness manifested as disturbances in singing and speech, changes in the vocal cords, and snoring and swallowing. I treat both pediatric and adult patients.

My special expertise

My specialty is endoscopic examinations of the lower pharynx and larynx, vocal cords and other throat and laryngeal surgical procedures.

Please note! Inquiries and reservations for this specialist

Orton´s opera­tionsteam tel +358 9 4748 2704.

About my Services

I treat both children and adult patients. Typical problems of my patients include disorders affecting the pharynx and throat, such as hoarseness presenting as problems with singing or speaking voice, lesions in the vocal cords, snoring, and difficulty swallowing.

My Specialties

I specialize in the endoscopic examinations of the hypopharynx and larynx, vocal cord surgery, and other surgical procedures of the pharynx and larynx.


  • Licentiate in Medicine, 1993, University of Helsinki
  • Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, 2001, HUH
  • Doctor of Medicine, 2004, University of Helsinki
  • PhD, 2008, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Adjunct Professor of Otorhinolaryngology, 2010


  • Specialist and Clinical Teacher; HUH Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases; 2001–2018
  • Visiting Researcher, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 2005–2007

Research Work 

  • Published articles on vocal cord surgery, bacterial biofilms, and biomaterials.

Professional Associations

  • Board Member Finnish Society of Ear Surgery, 2003–2006
  • Board Member Finnish Society of Otorhinolaryngology, 2009–2010
  • Board Member Finnish Society of Laryngology, 2010-16, President 2013–2016
  • Member of Scientific Committee, European Laryngological Society, 2015-