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Appointments and Customer Service for both Tenholantie and HUS hospitals

Open Mon-Thu 7.45 am – 6 pm, Fri 7.45 am – 4 pm (Finnish time UTC+2).

Telephone + 358 9 4748 2705
Fax                 +358 9 4748  2709

Please send messages including patient information and other personal information via Secured e-mail.

Note 1:  when contacting Orton for the first time via Secured e-mail, please submit your mobile number in the message, so that we can send a password.
Note 2 : only Latin characters can be used, not eg. Cyrillic letters.

See more instructions for secured email.

Postal address to Customer Service Office:
Orton, Tenholantie 10, 00280 Helsinki, Finland

Please note that doctor’s appointments and treatments take place in the main Orton building in Ruskeasuo Helsinki as well as in Helsinki University Hospitals in capital region.

Cancelling Appointments

Please cancel your appointment by 12 noon on the previous day. Cancellation can be made via online booking (My account) even if the booking is made by phone. You can also cancel by telephone +358 9 4748 2705 or via Secured e-mail.

Orton has the right to charge full price with service fee for non-cancelled and late cancellations.

Operations, treatments and
cancer appointments and treatments at both Orton Tenholantie and HUS hospitals

Open Mon-Fri  9 am – 2 pm (9-14).
Telephone +359 9 4748 2704
Fax             +358 9 4717 5023
Please send messages including patient information and other personal information via
Secured e-mail.

Pain Clinic at Orton Tenholantie

Pain Clinic telephone for nurses: Mon-Fri 12 noon-3 pm: +358 9 4748 2800.
Send secured email: Secured e-mail.

Rehabilitation at Orton Tenholantie

Inquiries concerning rehabilitation services:

Renewal of prescription

Ask for renewal two weeks before your medicine runs out.
Pain Clinic’s customers 12 noon-3 pm tel. +358 9 4748 2800
Other prescription customers via Customer Service tel. 09 4748 2705.

Hospital Orton Tenholantie

Orthopedic bed department 4 tel. 040 630 8550 (inquiries from patients and their relatives)
Visiting hours in the bed ward Mon-Sun 12:00-19:00.
Department manager Mia Airaksinen 040 921 0998
Surgery coordinator Suvi Suopanki 040 143 2949 (times for surgeries in Tenholantie)

X-ray at Orton Tenholantie

X-ray department is situated on the 2nd floor in D-wing.
Open Mon-Thu 8 am – 4 pm and Fri 8 am- 3.30 pm.
Telephone +358 40 6700 786

Labora­tory in Orton Tenholantie

Labora­tory is situated on the 2nd floor in E-wing.
Open Mon-Fri 8 am-3.30 pm.
Telephone +358 40 639 6266 .

Telephone operator for Orton Tenholantie

Operator Mon-Fri 8 am- 4 pm tel +358 9 47481
Information/caretaker/guard tel: +358 40 3531 887

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