Second Opinion for Prostate Cancer – Treatment Consultation

The opinion of another specialist is often requested

Prostate cancer diagnostics and therapies have developed significantly in recent years. The patient or physician may wish to have an assessment by another physician to support therapy comparison and choice of treatment. This is a normal course of action, which can give both patient and the attending physician valuable further information and support for choosing the line of treatment.

Items to take along

The patient should be prepared to take along the results of examinations conducted previously, such as

  • laboratory test
  • biopsy
  • X-ray and
  • ultrasound imaging results, as well as
  • the opinion of the attending physician.

It would also be good to be prepared to take along information about any medications or underlying conditions. These may have bearing on the choice and planning of treatment.

You may submit information in advance

The patient may submit all existing examination results in advance to Customer Service. The physician will then assess the need to conduct further examinations before the appointment, providing a referral for such examinations.

Book an appointment

Book and appointment with a urologist for a 45-minute second opinion treatment consultation: Customer Service tel. +358 9 4748 2705