Orton provides HUS Helsinki University Hospital care for international and private patients. Our focus is in demanding medical care. 


We offer a fixed price of 382 € for our international patient’s first appointment. The payment is invoiced in advance and covers the appointment (361 €) and office fee (21€). The appointment time is approximately 60 minutes, but can be shorter or longer according to individual needs. The price covers also the time a doctor uses before and after appointment to examine the patient’s documents and making treatment plans.


Second opinion means that we shall collect all information about the patient’s medical status and our expert evaluates and makes a suggestion for the patient’s treatment plan. All medical documents sent to Orton need to be in English. The documents can be translated by Orton and charged separately.

Second Opinion 245 €
Extensive Second Opinion 400 €
Very extensive Second Opinion 735 €

We inform the patient if there is a need for several experts’ opinion and confirm the price beforehand. In addition we charge an office fee 21 €/invoice. The second opinion report will be in English. Translation to other language than English will be charged separately.


We arrange interpretation in several languages whenever needed.
An estimate for interpretation service is 190 € for 60 minutes. Please mention the need for interpretation services when contacting Customer Service.


In general our services are invoiced beforehand. Please see more information about the methods of payment. 


Our package prices include everything needed in medical care (doctors’ fees, hospital fees, imaging, laboratory). You will find some examples of our prices below. These are standard packages, for standard needs. Since every patient is different and every disease unique, we shall calculate an individual price for your treatment.

All our services are to be paid beforehand. Please find more information on our methods of payment. Our operating model in short you can find here.

General terms and conditions you can read here. For surgical procedures this document needs to be signed.

Please find below a price list of our typical services. For price information of other services, please contact Customer Service.

Endocrinological surgery Minimum price
Total thyroidectomy 10,800 €
Resection of thyroid gland 10,800 €
Resection of parathyroid gland 8,000 €
Unilateral adrenalectomy 14,200 €
GE surgery Minimum price
Hernia surgery 5,400 €
Bile surgery

9,000 €

Neurosurgery Minimum price
Anterior fusion of cervical spine without fixation 9,110 €
Thoracic surgery Minimum price
Mini-invasive resection of oesophagus (cancer) 50,100 €
Resection of lung lobe + mediastinal lymph nodes, open surgery 24,400 €
Urology Minimum price
Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy of pelvis of kidney 4,700 €
Percutaneous endoscopic radical prostatectomy using robot, RALP (daVinci) 22,620€ €
Resection/extirp of kidney, robot- and video-assisted 20,260 €
Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) 7,960 €
Transurethral resection of the prostate (Protate laser, PVP) 9,220 €
Male sterilization ie. vasectomy (incl. semen analysis after the procedure) 1,070 €
Voice Clinic
Adam’s apple reduction 7630 €
Voice lift 7250 €
Pitch-raising procedure 9140 €
Surgical removal of vocal fold lesions and taking of biopsies 6410 €
Treatment of vocal fold paralysis, local anesthesia 2800 €
Treatment of vocal fold paralysis, fascia procedure 6370 €
Laryngeal botox injections 700 €