Surgery for lymph nodes and tumours in the neck


There are a great many causes of lumps in the neck, and the majority of these lumps are benign. However, as an abnormality could also be the first symptom of a malignant disease, all neck lumps in adults are examined without delay. The most common malignant tumours are lymphoma, cancers of the thyroid and salivary glands, and metastasis of the neck arising from squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck. Before planning treatment, we always seek to confirm the diagnosis with specialists in head and neck tumours.

The final decision on surgery for neck tumours will be made on a case-by-case basis after diagnosis. The decision and surgical plan will be influenced by the patient’s age and general health, the extent of the planned surgery, and many other factors relating to the tumour in question. Potential complications include infection of the surgical scar and bleeding. Other complications may also arise, depending on the extent of the surgery. Our specialists will discuss any potential complications with patients before surgery.

Duration of the procedure

Depending on the extent of the operation, neck tumour surgery can take from 1–2 hours to up to 10 hours. The surgical plan will determine the extent and stages of the operation, and will also give the estimated duration of the procedure.

Recovery time

The factors that have the greatest impact on recovery time are the extent of the operation and the patient’s age and general health. Recovery varies from patient to patient and typically takes 2-4 weeks. Most patients spend several days in hospital, but this depends on whether other procedures need to be performed at the same time.

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