Thoracic Surgery

Thoracic surgery (chest cavity surgery) includes major lung cancer surgery and esophageal surgery, for instance. In addition to these, the unit is specialized in the development of the newest technology for treating diseases of the thoracic cavity.

Our specialists give opinions on examinations already performed and evaluate the merits of treatment and the best possible treatment method. Mini-invasive surgery (performed partly with an endescope) is appropriate for most cases. With this method, the recovery time is shorter in comparison with the conventional method.

Typical thoracic surgical treatments include surgical treatment of lung cancer, surgical treatment of esophagus cancer, treatment of subclavian vein thromboses, mini-invasive repair method of diaphragmatic hernia, robot-assisted correction or conventional surgical correction of functional disorders of the lower esophageal sphincter as well as endescopic thymus removal for patients with myastenia gravis, enabling a significant reduction in medication.

We also provide other services associated with thoracic surgery.

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