Neck cyst surgery


There are a great many causes of lumps in the neck, and the majority of these lumps are benign. However, as an abnormality could also be the first symptom of a malignant disease, all neck lumps in adults are examined without delay.

Neck cysts are developmental tissue changes that cause a lump in the centre or to the side of the neck. If they become infected, they may require intravenous antibiotics and hospital treatment. It is therefore worthwhile having neck cysts surgically removed before any inflammatory problems occur. Surgical treatment seeks to remove the cyst in its entirety. The choice of treatment is decided on a case-by-case basis, and depends on the patient’s age and general health, the size and location of the cyst, and many other factors. Potential complications include infection of the surgical scar, bleeding, and recurrence of the cyst.

Duration of the procedure

Surgery for a neck cyst usually lasts about 1–2 hours. The surgical plan will define the stages of the operation and will also give the estimated duration of the operation.

Recovery time

The factors that have the greatest impact on recovery time are the size and location of the cyst and the patient’s age and general health. Recovery time varies from patient to patient and typically takes 2–3 weeks. Patients will usually spend a day in hospital.

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