Back Clinic

Back pain can be caused by a so-called specific back disease, such as a herniated disk or a spinal canal stenosis. However, most back pain is non-specific pain, where there is no single clear cause of pain to be determined. Even in these cases, good treatment options can be found for painful back conditions.

The Back Clinic provides help for back pain

The Orton Back Clinic is a private clinic which specializes in many types of back problems. The clinic is home to experts in the treatment of back problems, such as physiatrists, orthopedists, neurosurgeons, physicians specializing in pain management, physiotherapists and functional therapists, as well as a psychologist specializing in pain management methods, and a social worker.

The Back Clinic team knows each other’s areas of expertise well and colleagues are often consulted for advice and opinions on how to treat a patient.

Our treatment results provide a guarantee for reliable care

For decades, we have engaged actively in research on back problems and the development of back surgery in Finland. To support scientific research, we monitor our treatment results and measure patient satisfaction for a long time even after treatment. This helps us in producing particularly high-quality and reliable care. Read more about our treatment results.

How do I make an appointment for a consultation or treatment?

Make an appointment with an expert specializing in back problems either via online booking or by calling our customer service at +358 9 4748 2705.  Our further contact infor­mation here.