Patient feedback

We receive spontaneous feedback from our patients.
Here are some quotes from our international patients:

“Me and my father had a great time at your hospital and would recommend it to anyone. Fast, great service and very professional staff. I can’t be thankful enough for the help we got from you.”

“Dear Hospital Director,
My wife and I were recently on a fourteen day Baltic Cruise Celebrity Eclipse. Unfortunately my wife suffered with a seriously infected gall bladder adter three days. We therefore had to leave the shiop and my wife was taken to your hospital’s Emergency Departmen by a paremedic ambulance. She underwent an operation for the removal of her gall bladder.
I’m writing to express our very great appreciation of the excellent treatment, service, advice and great kindness of all your medical, nursing, administrative, catering and other staff who we encountered. At all levels their services were truly wonderful. As I am sure that you will appreciate this was a very stressful and worrying experience for anyone let alone an elderly couple in their late seventies. All we can tell our friends is that if unfortunately they have to receive medical treatment abroad, then they cannot select a better country than Finland for the experience…”
George H, solicitor, Dorset, England

“I want to thank all who cared for me. The doctors and nurses on ward 6A. I had wonderful care and especially the night nurse and Dr Marja Kerkelä was so helpful with all of our requests. I was provided with an English speaking physical therapist and she was wonderful. I felt well taken care of during a difficult time.
Thank you!”
Ann M, U.S.A

“I gave birth to my second child, Boris 4,2 kg and 54 cm, in HYKSin’s maternity clinic in Hyvinkää Hospital. There are many reasons for coming to Finland to give birth. Maybe the most important is the high quality of Finnish health care. Every third Finn is born in HYKS hospital and neonatal and mother mortality rates are among the lowest in the world. The second reason was is that Russian maternity hospitals are large and impersonal institutions in which the action takes place with strict orders. Every mother wishes to give birth in a place with warm atmosphere, so we were very pleased with Hyvinkää Hospital. Proximity was the third reason. You can easily reach Finland by train or by car from St. Petersburg. Our visit to Hyvinkää went very well. All arrangements worked fine and everything else went exactly as we expected. If possible, I would come to give birth to my next baby here too.”
Svetlana, morher of Boris, St. Petersburg

“Doctor Tero Kivelä is a really skilful and wonderful doctor. Thank you.”
Doctor’s Appointment patient, Hungary

“I suffered an intracerebral haemorrhage in my hometown in St. Petersburg. It caused me first an explosive headache and nausea and soon after I sank into an unconscious state lasting several days. I was soon diagnosed with cerebral aneurysm needing surgery. I was told in that the aneurysm should be operated but the problem was that it situated in a difficult place and the operation would be of high risk. After seeking help from Switzerland I was referred to HYKS Töölö Hospital and to professor Juha Hernesniemi. I was so relieved to eventually find a place where I could have my surgery. As I’m a doctor myself I was very well ware of the risks I was facing. I think it is the Töölö Hospital’s reputation as one of Europe’s leading neurosurgery hospital and its’ experienced personnel made me feel safe and that I couldn’t be in any better hands.
The operation was performed 5 months after the outbreak of the aneurysm. Although the operation was challenging it went very well. I don’t recall very much of the week in Töölö Hospital but I remember that all arrangements went smoothly. It was very nice to have Russian speaking personnel around too. I am happy to start working again soon.”
Larisa 42, Medical Doctor, St. Petersburg, Russia
Cerebral aneurysm surgery

“Everything happened so very quickly, my wife the patient is in the hotel after successfully surgery! Professor Herniesniemi was told to be a genius, at so he was! This was a complicated anerysm and Professor was the only person who could manage it. We are totally happy and most grateful. All doctors we met on Töölö hospital were extremely kind and highly professional, nurses and other medical stuff were very helpful – whole stay will became nice and totally successful remembrance.
Wojciech P, patient’s husband, Poland

Thank you for the greatest DR AKI LAAKSO neurosurgery and his team.They do the best for my sister Laura Cimpian.They give her a new life, she feel like reborning.For us it was in the beginning very hard but when we get in Helsinki and get in the HYKSIN hospital everything changed.We found very good and helpful people,everybody it was good,the best and the surgery goes in the good way, for me it takes long but the waiting deserve effort.Laura will have all the life to see her doughter growing up,to do thinks for her and she s doughter Alexandra.
I feel that is not enough the word to write my feelings and my satisfaction for everybody to this hospital but I think they understand me and what I want to say here.
The first person we met it was a very nice, kinde and funny women, TIINA,after she take us in the hospital and we met nurse MARIIA and after neurosurgery Dr AKI LAAKSO.We are worry special me,more then my sister.She have trust that everything will be good.She have right.Thank you also for anesthesiologist Dr HANNA TUOMINEN,therapist MARIIA and all nurse.
If somebody ask about neurosurgey will be pleasure for us to tell everybody HYKSIN give my sister a new life.
Thank you for everybody
Best regardes, Adriana and Laura, Romania