Coronavirus or respiratory track infection: information for our customers

Dear Customer,

If you have an appointment booked with our specialist and,

  • you think that you may have the Coronavirus infection
  • you have symptoms of respiratory infection or fever

please note, that if you meet the above criteria, you cannot come to the appointment with our specialist. In case of an unclear situation, you can contact our Customer Service before the appointment tel: +358 9 4748 2705 Mon-Thu 7.45 am-6 pm, Fri 7.45 am-4 pm.

General information about Corona

Please follow the instructions on the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) webpage.

Masks at our hospitals

Patients and customers visiting the hospital do not have to wear masks, unless they want to. Our nursing staff only uses masks when the patient’s health condition specifically requires it.
The patient can also ask the staff to use a mask when they are treating the patient.

Instructions for visitors at Orton Tenholantie hospital or rehabilitation wards

  • Visitors must be free of any symptoms of a respiratory infection
  • Visiting is not recommended for people who have been exposed to corona in the last 5 days
  • We recommend visitors to wear a face mask
  • We recommend visitors to use hand disinfectant when they enter and leave the wards