Patient’s delegate

If something, regarding the service or treatment you have received, has remained unclear, discuss the matter first with the persons who treated or served you, for example the medical doctor or other health care provider who served you, or with their supervisors.

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You can contact us via Skyddad e-post.

Patient Delegate (Ombudsperson) provided as public service by Helsinki city

If you are dissatisfied with the care, treatment, or service you have received, or if you need advice on your rights in health and social services or early childhood education, you can contact a Social and Patient Ombudsperson.

Ombudspersons give advice and, if necessary, assist in filing an objection, handling patient injury matters, and claiming for damages, among other matters related to the rights of patients and clients.

Phone service Mon-Thu 9-11 am: +358 9 3104 3355.
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