Company info

Name and address

Tenholantie 10
00280 Helsinki, Finland

Orginization number

Y 2280979-1
VAT FI22809791


HUS Helsinki University Hospital 100%

Billing address

E-invoice address: 003722809791
Broker: Maventa
Broker ID: 003721291126
Broker ID when sending from the banking network: DABAFIHH

Paper invoices:
Orton Oy
Tenholantie 10
00280 Helsinki

Patient insurance company



Markus Orava

Director of Medical Services

Medical Director Mikko Manning
Chief physician Patricia Stoor (responsible for HUS operations).

Email is in the form:

The Patient Delegate

Sirpa Eriksson, tel. +358 40 676 2204,

Data Protection Chief

Sonja Åkerlund,