Jyri Lepistö


eMBA, 2012
Special Compe­tence in joint replacement surgery, 2006
Doctor of Medical Science, 1996
Specialist in Ortho­paedics and Trauma­tology, 1995
Specialist in Surgery, 1993
Licen­tiate in Medicine, 1986


20 min 145 €
30 min 157 €
45 min 236 €
60 min 314 €

Veli-Pekka Valkonen


I have completed basic studies in Kuopio and Gothenburg and specialization studies in Helsinki.

Work experience

My work experience is based on long-term on-call work, working in primary health care and activities, especially in the rehabilitation of working-age people, but also veterans. My experience in spinal cord rehabilitation can also be utilized in many pain and functional problems. Since 2005, I have been involved in top sports related to nutrition, body management and recovery themes. As a result of this cooperation, both Olympic and World Championship medals have been achieved.

My special expertise

In connection with musculoskeletal symptoms and accidents, my special expertise is the restoration and maintenance of exercise and functional capacity, as well as pre- and post-operative rehabilitation planning. My ways of working essentially include listening to, understanding and motivating the client. The results are created in collaboration with other colleagues, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other necessary experts, with the client being an active factor and a success. The process often utilizes nutrition as part of rehabilitation.

In pain and dysfunction, my special expertise is in pelvic, back (neck, shoulder, chest and lumbar) and shoulder ailments. In upper and lower limb problems, I aim to constantly develop myself in my field of expertise as well.

Lecture and training are also pleasing to me in terms of learning and development.

I am active in school riding, I occasionally do navigating and I run / ski, I also practise golf. Gardening, berry picking and culture are also of interest and activities of mine.

Tuomo Karila

Education and work experience

I have completed part of my specialization studies at Orton, so I am proud to be an “Ortonian.” I first worked as a doctor here at Orton in 2000 and since then I have worked here now and again.

I have worked as an orthopedist both in my home country and in New Zealand, where I have worked for a total of six years. In Finland, I have also worked in sports clinics at other private medical centers.

I have worked as a doctor for the Finnish Olympic team four times and as a doctor for the Finnish wrestling team. In addition, I have served on the Finnish and European Olympic Committee and the Medical Committee of the International Wrestling Federation.


20 min 110  €
30 min 149  €
45 min 175  €