Ahmed Geneid

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Orton´s opera­tionsteam tel +358 9 4748 2704.

About my Services

I treat patients who have problems or hoarseness with singing or speaking voice, difficulty in swallowing or inability to burp or belch (R-CPD) and tumors or nodules in vocal folds. I also treat patients who would like to have a voice change surgery.

My Specialties

I have specialized in the endoscopic examinations and phonosurgical and laryngological procedures of the larynx both under general and local anesthesia.


  • Licentiate in Medicine, 2002, Ismailia, Egypt
  • Consultant in Phoniatrics, 2007, Cairo, Egypt
  • Consultant in Phoniatrics, 2011, Helsinki, HUH
  • Doctor of Medicine, 2013, University of Helsinki
  • ENT Consultant, 2017, University of Helsinki
  • Assistant Professor of Phoniatrics, 2018, University of Helsinki


  • Visiting Researcher, Karolinska Institute, 2015–2016

Research Work

  • Published articles on voice disorders, voice therapy, acoustic analysis of voice, and vocal cord surgery.

Professional Associations

  • Vice-President, Union of the European Phoniatricians, 2015–
  • Treasurer, Union of the European Phoniatricians, 2013–2015
  • Founding Member and Treasurer, European Academy of Phoniatrics, 2013–
  • Deputy Board Member, Suomen Foniatrit ry (Finnish Association of Phoniatricians)