Women’s Hospital in Helsinki

The Women’s Hospital is situated in Meilahti with the main campus of HUS Helsinki University Hospital.

Safe delivery in a professional environment

The hospital provides demanding specialist medical care for women and newborn babies. HYKSin’s  Childbirth package services for normal delivery is available at the Women’s Hospital. Our delivery rooms are up-to-date and staff well-trained and highly experienced.

Respect of Family’s Values 

Deliveries are handled in a manner that respects the family’s values, with a baby friendly approach supporting early interaction. The individual wishes and needs of the woman giving birth are taken into consideration in the treatment of labour pains.

We abide by the WHO’s and UNICEF’s Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, according to which we aim to create the best possible conditions for breastfeeding and engaging in early interaction.

Time at the ward after delivery

After vaginal delivery the mother and baby normally spend two nights at the ward and mothers of second delivery onwards stay normally one night. After a Caesarean section a normal time at the ward is 2-3 nights. The needed time at the ward will always be planned individually. There are two family rooms at the ward and they are offered primarily to families with first delivery.

Family Nest option for normal delivery

For mothers with normal delivery we offer a Family Nest room 6 hours after delivery. Family Nest is located in the Scandic Hotel next to the Women’s Hospital and the family may stay in the same room for free. The family will either drive there by their own car (parking places are unfortunately limited and do not include in the package price) of they can be taken there by taxi.  The rooms are equipped according to hospital’s delivery ward with baby’s bed, table for changing diapers, sanitary napkins for mother and towels.  There are professional personnel available 24/7 to guide with the breastfeeding and advising and helping the mother and the family in the same way as at the hospital ward. There is a restaurant in the hotel and the meals can also be had as take-away. The mother’s meals are included in the package. There is also a food store and a hamburger restaurant conveniently in the same building. In Family Nest the family takes care of the baby themselves. The family may wear their own clothes and receive visitors, whom they go and fetch to their room from the hotel lobby themselves.