Julia Järvimäki

General Practitioner, specialist in sports medicine

Language skills:

Finnish, English


Orton, Tenholantie 10, 00280 Helsinki, Finland

Welcome to my appointment

I study and treat patients over 8 years of age.

I treat clients from Orton Sports Clinic for a health check-up. In addition, I take care of  people of all ages and various exercise backrounds who are interested in starting an exercise hobby. As a specialist in sports medicine, I study and treat all kinds of health problems related to or complicating movement, such as musculoskeletal disorders, pulmonary and respiratory symptoms, performance limitations and overwork, etc.

In addition, at my appointment, I treat non-movement general-grade ailments such as sudden inflammation, vague stomach upset, skin problems, urinary incontinence, and mild depressive and anxiety symptoms. Often, the causes of the problems are already clarified by an interview and, if necessary, by ordinary laboratory or X-ray examinations. Examinations reveal whether treatment needs to be continued by a specialist.


Specialist in Sports Medicine 2022
Licentiate of Medicine University of Oulu 2013

Work experience

I have worked as a doctor e.g. in the health center and occupational health care, orthopedics, clinics for internal medicine and lung diseases, in the field of clinical physiology, in the field of military medicine, in the outpatient clinic of physiotherapy, and at the Helsinki Sports Medical Center and the Helsinki Metropolitan Sports Academy. In addition, I work e.g. as a doctor for orienteering and triathlon national teams.