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    Eija Fors-Virtanen

    Physiotherapist, OMT

    Special skills: Neck, back, upper and lower extremity joint and soft tissue problems and related rehabilitation, patients with pain, nutritional counselling

    Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English


    Physiotherapist, OMT

    Qualified chiropractor


    M.Sc. (Nutritional Science)


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    Tutustu palveluhinnastoon
    Physiotherapy for better mobility

    Physiotherapy improves muscle balance and posture control. Orton’s skilled physiotherapists have extensive knowledge of the rehabilitation techniques used to increase mobility, improve functional capacity and reduce pain.

    For better back health

    Back pain is a common problem. The term back pain generally refers to lower back pain, which may be localised back pain, pain that radiates to the leg, or pain due to poor back posture. Should you have back pain that is constant, radiates to the limbs or wakes you up at night, visit Orton for an assessment of its cause. We will help you find quick and effective relief for your pain.

    Joint injuries and arthralgia

    The knee is highly susceptible to injuries because of its extensive mobility, the high forces to which it is subjected, and the length of the leg bones. Knee ligament and meniscus injuries are common exercise-related problems. Orton is the Finnish expert in musculoskeletal disorders. We are here to help you. The first arthroscopic surgery in Finland was performed at Orton in 1976.

    Life without pain

    Orton has Finland’s most versatile private pain management clinic, specialising in the treatment of patients with pain. At the pain management clinic, we work out the causes of your pain together with you and identify suitable treatment and rehabilitation methods as well as ways to cope with chronic pain.

    Pain management at Orton

    If you suffer from constant pain or have pain on movement, contact us at Orton. Orton has Finland’s top expertise in pain management. You are welcome to visit a specialist without a referral.

    Rehabilitation for pain

    Orton’s physiotherapists specialise in treatment and rehabilitation for conditions involving severe pain and dysfunction. The methods used include different therapies, active exercise, acupuncture and relaxation.