Hyvinkää Hospital in Hyvinkää city

We offer childbirth service packages in peaceful and modern Hyvinkää Hospital just outside Helsinki.

Hyvinkää is a charming suburb located 50 km north of Helsinki and easy to reach by train or bus. It is more peaceful than the capital area but as a town of almost 50 000 inhabitants has a lot to offer: parks, museums, galleries – even a museum of teddy bears for the family’s younger members. Around the town, there is a legendary pine forest, which makes Hyvinkää air amazingly clear.

Hyvinkää Hospital is an advanced hospital unit of Helsinki University Hospital. The hospital takes a modern approach to its obstetrics and gynaecological operations with high-end facilities and equipment. In addition, the hospital provides round-the-clock emergency care for obstetrics, anaesthesiology and paediatrics.


Childbirths are handled in a manner that respects the family’s values, with a baby friendly approach. Early interaction between the family members and newborn is supported. This means that in normal birth the first breast-feeding session and in caesarean section the first skin-to-skin contact happens within 1 h post-delivery. Father is encouraged to participate in the childbirth. He is often let cut the baby’s umbilical cord and give the baby’s first wash.

During the stay in the maternity ward, family members are familiarised with the care of the neonate, and the mother is given advices for physiotherapeutic exercises and breast-feeding.
The needs of the mother and newborn are very important issues for us. We apply WHO’s ten-step program for successful breast-feeding. In June 2015 Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare gave our hospital a certificate for successfully following this programme.


Hyvinkää Hospital received in 2015 a certificate of Baby Friendly Hospital from Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare. This means the hospital follows successfully WHO’s and Unicef’s programme for 10 steps to successful breastfeeding. This means that we aim to create the best possible conditions for breastfeeding and engaging in early interaction. A home-like environment provides excellent prerequisites for the development of the parent-child relationship. Round-the-clock rooming-in, with the new-born baby and mother continuously together, forms the basis of care and enables child-paced breastfeeding.


Out staff is well trained and highly experienced and speak English and some also Russian.


Our rooms are up-to-date and have modern equipment.The inpatient ward has rooms with two and four beds. Private family rooms, where eg. the father may stay overnight, can not be booked beforehand, but can often be arranged. The availability depends on the ward occupancy. Take a virtual tour and see the hospital facilities. You can move forward in the presentation by clicking the red dot.