Radiation therapy

The radiation therapy unit of Orton and Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) is the largest one of its kind in Finland and it boasts the widest range of radiation therapy methods.

Along with surgery, radiation therapy is one of the two local cancer treatments provided. It utilizes high-energy ionizing radiation, which can weaken and destroy the structure of cancer cells.

In many cases, radiation therapy has been found to have impressive benefits for the treatment of cancer. At the beginning of the treatment, a customized treatment plan is drawn up. A stance on the prognosis of the treatment can be taken as well at this time.

Customized Radiation Therapy Planning

Radiation therapy demands customized planning, premium equipment, experience, expertise, and precision. By means of the newest technology, the radiation can be precisely targeted as desired on the cancerous tumor, reducing the adverse effects of radiotherapy. The adverse effects vary according to the location of the treatment site and the nature of the normal tissues or organs located near it.

The number of radiation therapy periods and sessions varies, depending on the type of cancer and the treatment technique applied. The length of a treatment period may vary from a few sessions to eight weeks. Usually, radiation therapy is given once a day on weekdays.

The actual radiation therapy generally takes only a few minutes at one time, but settling into the correct position on the radiation therapy table and ascertaining this through medical imaging generally lengthen the duration of the whole treatment session to around 15 minutes. The patient does not emit radiation after external radiation therapy.

How to get an appointment?

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