Hydrogel protection in connection with radiation therapy for prostate cancer

Radiation therapy is an effective form of treatment for prostate cancer. The aim in the planning of treatment is to optimize the radiation dose delivered to the prostate. However, closely surrounding the prostate are organs that may become exposed to their share of the radiation and become damaged unintentionally. The closest organ is the rectum.

What is hydrogel? 

Hydrogel is a gel that minimizes the radiation dose delivered to tissues surrounding the prostate, especially the rectum, and reduces the risk of damage.

How is the hydrogel protection applied? 

The hydrogel is injected between the prostate and rectum under local anesthesia. Inside the body, the gel transforms into a mass, which then dissolves and exits the body on its own within 3–6 months.

The benefits of the hydrogel protection are assessed patient-specifically what is the best method of operation?

Mr. Harri Visapää, urologist specializing in the radiation therapy for prostate cancer, is responsible for the injection of the hydrogel protection. Because the benefits and potential risks of the gel are patient-specific, use of the gel should be carefully considered with the physician prior to application of the gel.

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