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    Life without pain

    Orton has Finland’s most versatile private pain management clinic, specialising in the treatment of patients with pain. At the pain management clinic, we work out the causes of your pain together with you and identify suitable treatment and rehabilitation methods as well as ways to cope with chronic pain.

    Our extensive, wide-ranging professional expertise and long experience in orthopaedics make Orton Finland’s top specialists in pain management. Our work is based on a multidisciplinary team that works together to achieve the best for you. The team provides quick access to consultations and treatments. Orton also uses a wealth of research-based knowledge on the psychology of pain. The pain management clinic is run by a team of professionals from a number of fields, all specialising in the management of pain: specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation, anaesthesiologists, orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists, nurses specialising in pain management, psychologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. We also have a social worker. Problems related to pain are often so complex that a number of professionals from different fields must be involved. Multidisciplinary treatment allows us to achieve better outcomes.

    Different conditions involving pain

    • Chronic pain syndrome (G89.0 CRPS, G56.4 CRPS II)
    • Persistent pain syndrome (F54.5)
    • Arthrosis of the knee (M17.9)
    • Arthrosis of the hip (M16.9)
    • Back pain (M54.5)
    • Back pain, radiculopathy (M51.1, M47.82, M47.2, M54.4)
    • Spinal stenosis (M48.0)
    • Vertebral displacement (M43.0)
    • Pain in the thoracic spine (M54.6)
    • Tension headache (G44.2)
    • Post-traumatic headache (G44.3)
    • Trigeminal neuralgia (G50.0)
    • Pain in the cervical spine (cervicalgia) (M54.2)
    • Nerve root disorders (G54)
    • Rotator cuff syndrome (M75.1)
    • Pain in one or more limbs (M79.6)
    • Joint pain (M25.5)
    • Hypermobility (M35.7)
    • Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (Q79.6)
    • Fibromyalgia (M79.0)

    Postoperative pain

    • Pain after back surgery (M96.1 Postlaminectomy syndrome)
    • Sequelae of fracture of spine (T91.1)
    • Sequelae of lower limb fractures (T93.2)
    • Presence of orthopaedic joint implants (Z96.6)


    Rehabilitation aims to assess, maintain and improve functional capacity to increase patients’ control of their life and to improve their quality of life. One aim might be to improve working capacity. The pain management clinic works together with you. During your rehabilitation, you will be personally involved in alleviating your symptoms and improving control of your pain. The treatment often consists of medication combined with pain management and rehabilitation measures as required. The treatment will give you the necessary tools to manage your condition independently and cope with a changed life situation. Treatment is given in episodes during which you will meet other persons in rehabilitation and receive information, understanding and peer support.

    If you are paying for your treatment yourself, it is a good idea to seek treatment as soon as pain becomes a problem. This helps to prevent your pain becoming chronic. If your pain is persistent and has lasted 3 to 6 months, you may seek treatment on referral from your insurance company, hospital district or primary care provider. Treatment with a payment voucher may be possible even earlier if your pain does not respond to treatments and/or it considerably impairs your mobility and your functional capacity.

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