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    Joint injuries and arthralgia

    The knee is highly susceptible to injuries because of its extensive mobility, the high forces to which it is subjected, and the length of the leg bones. Knee ligament and meniscus injuries are common exercise-related problems. Orton is the Finnish expert in musculoskeletal disorders. We are here to help you. The first arthroscopic surgery in Finland was performed at Orton in 1976.

    Ligament tears and malleolus fractures caused by ankle sprains are also common. Most minor injuries and sprains can be treated by resting and other means such as physiotherapy; however, knee ligament tears often require surgical treatment. Repeated slight overload may also result in tissue damage. Other quite common conditions include stress fractures and tendon pain. Stress tolerance decreases as tissues age; this is known as tissue degeneration. Joint cartilage damage also increases with age, and even everyday stress levels may cause pain in aging tissue. Advanced joint or tendon degeneration may be associated with inflammatory symptoms and continuous pain such as pain in the greater trochanter or Achilles tendon, or osteoarthritic pain. These stress injuries are also usually treated by non-surgical means.

    Knee ACL injuries

    An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear is the most common type of knee ligament injury. An untreated ACL tear causes painful symptoms in the knee. In this condition, the knee gives out with twisting movements. The normal function of the knee can be regained by ACL reconstruction.

    Meniscal tear

    There are two cartilaginous menisci, lateral and medial, in the knee. Rotational injuries may result in a meniscal tear. Meniscal tear (S83.2) presents as sharp knee pain on rotation and/or flexing. This painful injury can be repaired in an arthroscopic procedure.

    Stress injuries

    Stress fractures may occur in different parts of the body: metatarsal bones, shin, thigh, pelvis and lower back. X-ray and MRI are often needed to determine the cause of the fracture-related pain. The treatment is identical to that of other stress injuries. Weightbearing must be reduced significantly, and pain medication should be started.

    The most common stress condition in the shin is shin splint. Shin splint is a pain condition caused by irritation in the periosteum or stiffness of the fascia. The pain may sometimes prevent all involvement in sporting activities. There is no specific treatment, but exertion avoidance and pain medication lead to good results in most cases. In particularly difficult cases, surgical treatment may be considered.

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