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    Orton Terveyspuisto health park

    Orton is a partner in the Orton Terveyspuisto health park. Orton Terveyspuisto is a health and welfare hub in Ruskeasuo, Helsinki. Orton Terveyspuisto offers you help in the treatment of diseases, mobility, accessible living and oral health. We take care of our customers as a whole and want to help them outside the doctor's office, too. Our aim is to help you get healthy and to keep you healthy. The other partners in Orton Terveyspuisto health park are:

    PlusTerveys Oy

    PlusTerveys-Terveyspuisto at Ruskeasuo provides a range of oral health services for those living in Ruskeasuo and nearby. We provide an individual and unhurried service.

    Toimiva Koti DoMedi Oy

    Toimiva Koti is an information centre and shop for accessible living solutions and aids, offering help in your everyday life: care and cleaning services, aids and accessibility mapping for your home.

    Respecta Oy

    Respecta provides services and products to prevent injuries and to maintain good health in work and leisure. Our products include prosthetic solutions, a range of support devices, footwear, therapeutic aids and products for mobility and ergonomics.

    Helsinki Alzheimer Association

    The Helsinki Alzheimer Association is a warm-hearted support organisation for those living in Helsinki with memory disorders as well as their families and caregivers. In addition to diverse daytime activities, we offer guidance on memory disorders, memory tests, training events and lectures. We host regular support groups for relatives, and volunteers are an important part of our community. Come and visit us!

    Finnish Golf Union

    Orton is a main collaboration partner of the Finnish Golf Union. We offer services for national team players to ensure that they stay in playing shape. Orton also participates in the Golf 55+ project for players.

    Suomen Nivelyhdistys

    Orton collaborates with the joint health association Nivelyhdistys, distributing information on joint health and treatment.


    The union for back associations in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Pääkaupunkiseudun Selkäyhdistykset, works with Orton to improve quality of life for those with back complaints.

    Zimmer-Biomet Oy

    Orton uses the high-quality products of  Zimmer-Biomet such as endoprosthetic implants for surgical procedures.

    Orton rehabilitation partners

    If you were in institutional rehabilitation and/or had a surgery at Orton, you may be referred to follow-up rehabilitation at a local company situated in your town or city or nearby. Today, institutional rehabilitation and surgical hospitalisation periods are short and intensive, which highlights the importance of post-institutional rehabilitation. Please select a company providing rehabilitation services from the list below.

    Akaa:  Kuntoaskel Oy

    Espoo: DBC Konseptiklinikka Sello  

    Hamina: Kymen Hoito- ja Kuntoutuskeskus

    Hattula: Hämeenlinnan fysioterapia ja hieronta Oy

    Hämeenlinna: Hämeenlinnan fysioterapia ja hieronta Oy

    Iisalmi: DBC Klinikka

    Iittala: Hämeenlinnan fysioterapia ja hieronta Oy

    Imatra: Fysio-Hatakka 

    Janakkala: Hämeenlinnan fysioterapia ja hieronta Oy

    Joensuu: DBC Klinikka

    Jyväskylä: Fysikaalinen Hoitolaitos Medica Oy

    Karjaa: Karjaan Fysioterapia Ay

    Kokkola: Fysikaalinen hoitolaitos Fysio-Keskus

    Kouvola: Kouvolan Meditiimi Oy

    Kuopio: Fysiopalvelu Kunto Kuopio Oy

    Lahti: Fysios Group Oy

    Lapua: Lapuan Kipupiste Oy

    Lieksa: DBC Klinikka

    Mikkeli: Mikkelin Fysioteam OMT

    Oulu: Fysios Group Oy

    Palokka: Fysikaalinen Hoitolaitos Medica Oy

    Pori: Tutkimuslaitos Ergos Oy

    Porvoo: Fysioterapia-OMT Porvoo 

    Rauma: Fysikaalinen hoitolaitos Friski Oy

    Riihimäki: Riihimäen Fysioterapia, OMT-Fysioterapia 

    Rovaniemi: FHL Kunto-apu Ky 

    Sastamala: Kunnon Startti Oy 

    Savonlinna: Savonlinnan OMT Fysioterapia

    Seinäjoki: DBC Konseptiklinikka Seinäjoki

    Tampere: Pirkanmaan Erikoiskuntoutus Oy  Kuntofysio Oy/Fysios Group Oy 

    Tornio: Tornion Fysio Center Oy

    Urjala: Kuntoaskel Oy